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Parkinson’s Disease Brain Cells at Risk of Burnout

This research article was published in Current Biology, under the direction of lead researcher Louis-Éric Trudeau, a professor at the university’s Departments of Phamacology and Neurosciences. The article reports that the death of brain cells in Parkinson’s disease may be caused by a kind of cellular energy crisis in neurons that requires unusually high quantities of energy to carry out their job of regulating movement.

“It’s possible that new medications could be developed to help the neurons in question reduce their energy consumption or produce energy more efficiently, which would reduce accumulated damage over the years,” Trudeau said.

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A New Tool for Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

A new tool for healthcare professionals has been developed by a group of experts working under the umbrella of the International and movement disorder Society. They hope that it will mark a significant advancement in the efficacy and speed of diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

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General Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the third General Assembly of the Quebec Parkinson Network will be held

Thursday, November 12, at 5:30pm

at the Montreal Neurological Institute

3801 University street

The agenda will be:

1. Welcome

2. Infrastructure assessment:

2.1 : Participants Registry

- Reminder of terms of use

- Diffusion

-  Reminder of Registry official launch, April 23, 2015

-  Media Monitoring: recruitment and interest of the registry for patients– Trois-Rivières media

-  FRQS Video Capsule– Diffusion (September 2016)

2.2 : Epidemiology, neuropsychology and sleep database

- Epidemiological Questionnaire

- Final Contact form- Neuropsychological database


- Recruitement of Web developer

2.3 : Neuroimagery database and  Biobank

- Neuroimagery Bank

- Biobanking

3. Presentations

IPSC Platform

An iPSC-CRISPR genome editing platform for Quebec users 

Thomas Durcan, PhD 

Administrator- Dr Edward Fon Parkinson Disease Research Group /MNI IPS-CRISPR Platform

McGill University

Research news on Parkinson’s Disease

- The genetics of Parkinson’s disease and REM sleep Behavior Disorder in the French-Canadian / French population

Ziv Gan-Or, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher, Montreal Neurological Institute,

Laboratoire du Dr. Guy Rouleau
Département de génétique humaine, Université McGill

-  Why are substantia nigra dopamine neurons particularly vulnerable in Parkinson’s disease?

Louis-Eric Trudeau, PhD

Professor, Departments of pharmacology and neurosciences

Groupe de recherche sur le système nerveux central

Faculté de médecine, Université de Montréal

4. Next steps

-       Next Executive committee meeting – February 2016

-       Scientific Day

-       Public Conferences

5. Varia

6. Adjournment