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The Neuro: A Major Force in Parkinson’s Disease Research and Treatment


Dr. Edward Fon, a neurologist, is the Scientific Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute, and serves as Director of the Quebec Parkinson Network. His clinical activities and research focus on Parkinson’s disease. He investigates the molecular events that lead to neuronal degeneration with an emphasis on the function and cell biology of Parkinson’s disease genes.

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mPower: A New Application for Patients Living with Parkinson Disease


Seattle, WA —Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit biomedical research organization, has released an updated version of its mPower iPhone application that introduces better analytics as well as improved user interface and functionality, in response to research participants’ feedback. Sage also announced today that mPower, which tracks symptom variation in Parkinson’s disease and uses Apple’s ResearchKit framework, will be the first app to use CareKit, a new open-source platform from Apple, turning the mPower study into a valuable tool to help better inform patients about their symptoms.

“mPower allows researchers to follow day-to-day fluctuations in Parkinson’s disease symptoms and allows for insights that would be impossible to achieve when a patient is only being examined every six months,” said Stephen Friend, MD, PhD, president of Sage Bionetworks. “This kind of data has never been tracked and captured before, and now with the help of CareKit, we can provide quantitative insights to inform the dialog a person has with a health professional about his or her own disease.”

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