Boxing for Parkinson’s Patients with Marie-Éve Robillard


Boxing has beneficial effects on a person’s physical and emotional condition, and it can contribute to a reduction in intensity of PD symptoms. Studies have shown that adapted boxing, designed with Parkinson’s patients in mind, is an confidence-boosting activity that helps with balance, gait, posture, and overall quality of life.

Marie-Éve Robillard is a kinesthesiologist and exercise physiologist who offers the following services:

-PD-adapted Boxing classes in Laval, Longueuil, and Montreal
-Group strength training
-Group flexibility training
-Physical condition evaluations
-Private and semi-private training

Coming soon: group exercise training for young Parkinson’s patients aged 35-59.

All the services are offered at a gym in Rosemont, but also at home.

To know more about the teacher, click on Marie-Éve’s website.

To see Marie-Éve in action, watch the following video (french only):