Congratulations Dr. Rosalind Roberts!


The Montreal Neurological Institute and McGill University have received funding for a postdoctoral fellowship from the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation to further our knowledge of the disease, with the goal of developing better treatments.

Dr. Rosalind Roberts will investigate the function of mitochondrial derived vesicles (MDVs) in neurons and their role in Parkinson’s disease.

“MDVs are important for removing damaged components from mitochondria to ensure they keep working properly,” says Roberts. “However, the exact mechanisms at many stages of this pathway are yet to be discovered, such as the machinery for their biogenesis and transport, and how cargo proteins are selected. There’s still a lot to find out about them from a basic science perspective, which is exciting.”

Dr. Roberts earned her PhD degree from Oxford and her BSc from Cardiff University. She will be working at the lab of Dr. Edward Fon, Director of the Quebec Parkinson’s Network.

“Rosalind brings experience in Parkinson’s disease research from Oxford and she is an extremely thoughtful and enthusiastic scientist,” says Fon. “Mitochondrial vesicles may help discover how Parkin and PINK1, two PD genes, keep mitochondria healthy in neurons. This may point us toward new therapeutic targets for PD.”

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