Launch of the Participant’s Registry of The Quebec Parkinson Network

Montreal, April 23rd 2015: As part of the awareness month for Parkinson’s disease, the Quebec Parkinson Network announced today that they would be launching the participant’s registry, a participant database of information on people with Parkinson’s disease wishing to participate in research projects.

This registry will ensure optimum recruitment potential for data acquisition that will be included in different databases of the QPN, provided with a storage and centralization system of potential participants that allows appropriate participants selection according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria for each study.

Through their direct involvement in research projects or by accepting that their clinical data can be used as part of studies, the registry’s members support and promote knowledge about Parkinson’s disease.

The idea of the participants’ registry is born from the desire of a Quebecor group of researchers and clinicians to work together in order to share human and technical resources as well as their knowledge about Parkinson’s disease.

According to Dr Fon, the QPN director, “By facilitating the collaboration between researchers, clinicians and patients, as well as the promotion of data sharing and open science, the Quebec Parkinson Network aims to implement a new approach to Parkinson’s research. A cornerstone of this philosophy is the active participation of patients and caregivers in the research process in order for them to be aware of the latest advances and better understand their disease and its treatment.”

For patients who wish to be a member of the participant’s registry, they can proceed by asking their neurologist if he is member of the QPN, or registering directly on the network’s website at the following address:

About Quebec Parkinson Network

The Quebec Parkinson Network is a provincial network funded by the FRQ-S under the thematic of research networks program.

The QPN aims to promote multidisciplinary research on Parkinson’s disease. It is also part of a communication and information-sharing initiative.

  • It promotes partnership between researchers and clinicians across Quebec.
  • It develops the storage and sharing data of different kind (imaging, genetics, neuropsychology, sleep) between researchers around Quebec
  • It supports students in the field of Parkinson’s disease
  • It facilitates and improves public knowledge of the latest results of research on Parkinson’s disease

The QPN has 2 coordination offices: Montreal and Quebec


Clotilde Degroot

RPQ Coordinator

514 340-3540 extension 4813