R à Québec 2017


R à Quebec 2017 (raquebec.ulaval.ca) is an interdisciplinary seminar that will bring together researchers, students, and medical practitioners, as well as academic, governmental, and industry professionals.

Like the useR conference in Stanford, California, this conference is dedicated speicifically to the usage of R language and how it can help close gaps between industries and faciliatate  data sharing. It will also focus on changing environments to accommodate R language. This is the first conference of its kind in Quebec.

The first day will start with beginner’s lectures and move into more advanced sessions, and the second day will be dedicated to conferences. The event will take place on the 25th and 26th of May, 2017.

The scientific committee is currently gathering proposals on different conference themes, including:

-descriptive statistics

-data analysis

-data visualization and graphics

-modeling, simulation, and optimization

-high-performace calculations

-data collection

-research applications, in the public and private sectors


Each of these interdisciplinary presentations will be given in French and will each last 20 minutes. Presentation themes that are not selected may be showcased in poster form. Speakers must sign up and pay the registration fees. The deadline for submitting a presentation proposal is January 15th, 2017.


Scientific committee:

Alexandre Bureau – Department of social and preventative medicine, University of Laval
Anne-Sophie Charest – Department of social and preventative medicine, University of Laval
Arnaud Droit – Department of molecular medicine, University of Laval
Vincent Goulet – Actuarial School, University of Laval
Charles Fleury- Department of socilology, University of Laval

For all information related to the call-out for conferences, get in touch with Vincent Goulet at Vincent.goulet@act.ulaval.ca. For all other information about R à Quebec 2017, contact Natacha Fontaine at raquebec@ulaval.ca or visit the seminar’s website at http://raquebec.ulaval.ca.