Levodopa and Dopamine agonists efficiency on the mobility

Title of the study: Comparison of the efficiency of levodopa and dopamine agonists on the mobility in the community and the physical activity level of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Principal investigator: Christian DUVAL phD., researcher at CRIUGM1

Site of the study: 1 Institut Universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal

Abstract : Motor symptoms and non motor have impact on individual social life, such as  mobility, an important aspect of quality life. Consequently, to reduce symptoms at an early stage, Levodopa and Dopamine agonists are the main drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease. For each of them, benefits were associated. However, these clinic assessements don’t reflect the patient status in community dwelling as they evaluate a specific moment in time, for a given current state. Indeed, a direct measure of mobility aspects in community dwelling and physical activity level will give a better understanding of the efficiency of Levodopa and Dopamine agonists.

Objective: The main goal of this research study is to measure several aspects of the mobility and the physical activity level in the community dwelling with people who have Parkinson’s disease. This will serve to compare the efficiency of the medical treatment by levodopa or dopamine agonists.