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The members of the QPN are researchers, research professionals, clinicians and students involved in Parkinson's disease research.

QPN members are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Regular members who are researchers or clinicians are considered independent researchers according to the FRQS standards.
  • Associate members who are professionals in the field of research or clinical practice (e.g. research assistants, research nurses) and who do not have independent researcher status.
  • Student members who are graduate students, post-doctoral fellows or medical residents.
  • Contributing clinicians are neurologists who contribute to the registry of participants by involving their patients in the registry and the studies proposed through the network.

Becoming a member

To register to the Quebec Parkinson Network, please send an email to the Quebec Parkinson Network:

A coordinator of the Quebec Parkinson Network will contact you.

Note: In the email, please briefly specify your research interests and/or your field of professional activity.

For the student community:
Communication of a short description of the activities as well as the name of the supervising researcher.