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You wish to become a participant?

Want to understand better and help fight Parkinson’s disease? Involvement in research is your best option. Your active participation in research projects is essential to understanding Parkinson’s disease better and developing innovative new treatments. With your help, you and future generations will benefit from advances in Parkinson’s research.

Your doctors and researchers in Quebec have chosen to join forces, to unite their strengths and talents so that Parkinson’s disease research can progress more rapidly. However, nothing can be done without you.

As a member of the Quebec Parkinson Network registry, your role is to become an essential actor in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. You will have the opportunity to participate in research projects of collective and individual interest. To better understand Parkinson’s disease in general, to better understand yours in particular.

By accepting to participate, you will play an essential role in:

  • The national registry: your name and contact information will be added to a list that will allow researchers in Canada to invite you to participate in research projects or clinical studies.
  • The de-identified database*: during your in-person or remote visit, you will receive a questionnaire and cognitive assessment(s). This will allow Canadian researchers to access your demographic, medical and cognitive data that can be used for cutting-edge research projects (*your data will not be identified with your name).
  • Biobank: During your in-person visit, you will be asked to donate biological material (blood) added to the biobank and used by Canadian researchers for various scientific analyses.

How to participate?

You will be asked to fill out your contact information in a form when you click on “I participate!” When you submit this information, the selected site coordinator will contact you by phone or email to validate your information and explain how the network works.

If you agree, the coordinator will indicate how to register in the network. To do so, you will need to complete some questionnaires online, by phone or in person, depending on your preference. In addition, you may be asked to come in person for a site visit.

I participate! (En/Fr) 

Note: The QPN is now integral to the national Parkinson’s disease research project, “Canadian Parkinson’s Open Network – COPN”. Participation in the QPN is now done by registering with the COPN.

For more information on the COPN, please visit their website.