Mission and objectives


The Quebec Parkinson Network’s main mission is to join forces. It is a movement to promote multidisciplinary research on Parkinson's disease. This gathering covers three essential elements for the conduct of large-scale research projects:

  1. Gathering of Quebec’s researchers and clinicians who work on Parkinson’s disease
  2. Gathering of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease across the province of Quebec who wish to support and take part in research
  3. Gathering of data allowing the creation of three distinct databases:
    • Patient registry
    • Clinical, neuroimaging, neuropsychological and sleep databases
    • Biobank

The objective for the Quebec Parkinson Network is to be:

  • A source of participants suffering from Parkinson’s disease interested and available to participate in research studies they will have agreed to join. These patients are indeed the key and determining point to the completion of any research project. The ease of access to patients is what will allow the optimization of the research process
  • - A source of data that will improve the significance and the implication of results, as well as allow large-scale projects with a variety of techniques and analysis methods with high statistical power