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Mission and objectives

Since its creation, the QPN has interested nearly 1,900 people with Parkinson’s disease in participating in research. The activities of the QPN have led to extraordinary scientific results on Parkinson’s disease – more than 260 scientific publications – which allow the specificity of the Quebec population to be considered in national and international studies.


The primary mission of the Quebec Parkinson Network is that of gathering for optimization. It is a movement to promote multidisciplinary research on Parkinson’s disease. This gathering concerns three essential elements for the conduct of large-scale research projects.

  1. Bringing together all researchers and clinicians in Quebec who work on Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Bringing together Parkinson’s patients across Quebec who wish to support and invest in research.
  3. To gather data allowing the creation of three distinct databases

The interest is to make the Quebec Parkinson Network:

  • A source of participants who have Parkinson’s disease, are interested and available to participate in studies that they will have wished to integrate. These patients are indeed the essential and determining point in the conduct of any research project. This ease of access to patients will allow the optimization of the research process.
  • A source of data that will improve both the significance and scope of the results and the deployment of large-scale studies in terms of the variety of techniques and analyses used and the statistical power